My Husband Is My Hero

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Next step completed on my journey. I am now married.

My husband is amazing. As a wedding present, he bought me a new electric piano with 88 weighted keys. He sat with me for hours while I searched for the exact one I wanted, helped me assemble the pro and con list for each model and compare pricing. He followed the tracking information when it didn’t arrive on time, and then, when it finally did arrive, he carried it up to our apartment without asking me to help him.

When my parents came to visit for the wedding, he bent over backwards to make sure all the logistics were covered, from hotels and airbnbs, a rental car, trains and airport transportation, tolls, timing. He figured out that before driving through Austria, you need to pay a toll and have it in your car before you get into the country, otherwise you get a big fine. He found a store here in Milan that happened to actually be open where we could pay the toll the day before we left. You know, things that you wouldn’t normally think of about a road trip in the US. Because WHO CLOSES THEIR BUSINESS FOR A MONTH, AND WHO CHARGES TOLLS WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Without paying this toll, you get a 200 Euro fine. The rental car company didn’t even warn us, but Giacomo figured it out and got it done.

I helped, but only in weird, extreme cases. Like, we had a problem with the rental car and had to cancel, but the person who made the reservation on the phone filled out the form incorrectly and we couldn’t figure out what his name was. Because she spelled his name wrong, he wouldn’t have been able to pick up the car at all, and we would have been screwed. We had to cancel the reservation online and rebook the car, but to do that, we had to guess the name she used. Many customer service fails. After a half hour of Giacomo trying, I tried, using my weird knowledge of how form fields work in a lot of types of software and about 3 minutes later, figured out the reservation was under the last name “Di”. So I’m a hero, too, but only in extreme circumstances, when there’s no way he could have figured it out on his own.

Giacomo has been really patient and sweet, ferrying me from one government office to the next, getting my appointments and documents in order. He’s asked questions of the right people, stood in line with me, and always managed to hit on the correct questions that got us to the right person.

I like having a husband. It’s way more fun than doing everything alone. Next step, becoming an Italian resident.

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